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Welcome to Emo Milo.

This is a rather simply drawn sarcastic comedy comic that is done in my freetime and of my own random ideas. This comic will most likely be updated sparatically for a while. Here's what it's basically about: An emo boy (if you are not familiar with this term, it's basically short for "emotional" and is normally portrayed by wearing dark clothing, having hair that sweeps or hangs over one eye and being overly emotional about everyday life OR not caring one way or the other about life) and his sarcastic/funny remarks about random things. Sometimes his girlfriend, Mila, appears and makes a comment here and there. Well, that's pretty much the idea of my comic. Hope you like it. Enjoy!

*says in sing song voice* I kept my proooomisssse!

So I finally updated Emo Milo...! It had to be done. Like I told you, I already had 6 pages done, and tonight, I started to draw some more. Then I realized, that was the final straw. I HAD to update, or it would never get done. And you're happy, right? I know. Well, I hope you enjoy the new pages. I'll try not to make it months until the next update. :D

I'm sooo lazy....

You know, guys. I'm sorry. I HAVE new pages that I've drawn, but I just haven't uploaded them. I really really need to though...sorry. I'll do it soon. As soon as I can. Please, hang in there. If you pay attention to this comic anymore :(


Okay, if you've been following the comic so far, and you've gotten to the last page where it says "Nothing Lasts Forever...", please, do NOT think the comic is over. It's not. I just need to get some more supplies so I can start new pages. So, don't give up on Emo Milo :D

I'll update soon!

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